Monday, September 7, 2009

A Precious Familiar Spirit

Hi Everyone,
We promise there is much more to come with this blog. I am Sugar Bee, I was rescued just a few weeks before Chuck left us and I was one of his favorites. I was about five weeks old when my mother was trapped end taken to the city animal shelter end euthanized. My two siblings were also trapped and met the same fate but fortunately I was rescued before I got into the trap and I am loved and spoiled. I may show up anywhere, especially where I'm not supposed to be but that is a part of my magic. Please be patient we promise to entertain you.


  1. Such a darling kittie.
    I bet there is a lot of mischief going on in your household.

  2. Welcome Miss Sugar Bee~ You are darling... and very fitting for the season! (: