Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not so many years ago there was a gentleman that lived in a very large city.. He was a very wealthy business man; he owned several large homes and luxury cars. He had a beautiful wife and he was a very good husband and a loving devoted father. He was well liked by his neighbors and had many friends but there was something missing in his life. So one evening after dinner his wife told him that she was worried about him. She knew something was wrong and was very concerned and wanted to help if she could. So he confessed that while he loved his family deeply there was something indeed missing from his life. I’ve never known truth he said. In all of my life I’ve tried so hard to be honest in every endeavor but still I feel that I have missed the meaning of truth and it troubles me.
Well they decided that he should go on a mission, a search to find TRUTH. The very next morning he set out. He would travel near and far over thousands and thousands of miles searching for truth. He crossed oceans and valleys and deserts, day after day searching for truth and finally just when he was about to give up he found truth.
Now truth was living in a cave at the very tip top of a remote and haunting mountain. She was an old and wizened woman with long tangled and matted white hair. Her skin was yellow and dry and cracked like old worn leather. Her eyes were pale and gray with dark circles beneath them and her fingers were long and twisted and knotted with age. She was a frightening sight but when she spoke her voice was lyrical. It was like the most beautiful music he had ever heard.
As the months passed she taught him the mysteries of ancient times. She taught him all the magic of truth and all the mystery of truth and gave him all of the lessons that a wise honest man should know.
He stayed with her for a year and a day and when it was time for him to leave he said to her “what can I do for you? You have given me my hearts desire, you have given meaning to my life. What is it that I can do for you in return? What can I give to you?”
Well truth sat quietly for a few moments and she placed a twisted, knotted finger beside her wrinkled check and thought for a while and finally she said.
“ Yes there is one thing that you can do for me. When you go out into the world and you tell them about me…tell them that I am young and beautiful.
I heard this story many, many years ago from a storey teller. I cannot remember the name but the story has stayed with me and I have shared this with my children, grandchildren and my nephew. I hope that you will enjoy it also. Have a blessed first day of Autumn, it's finally, really here!
With a Nod of her head
And a flourish of her cloak
She flies away
On a puff of smoke.

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  1. Hi your new blog, here! What a wonderful tribute to your brother. I SO enjoyed this story! I'd never heard that one before! And I LOVE your Sugar Bee! That's one special kitty you have there! ~~Annie